Promises Broken..I mean the Ultra IDE Controller Card

So I got a new Dell 3100(E310) with an 80gb Serial ATA HDD. running WIN XP SP2, but I'm heavily invested in time and effort in my "old" WD 120gb IDE drive running WIN 2K.  Based the great advice of an E-E expert I bought the Promise Ultra 133 Tx2 Controller Card.  With a small amount of difficulty I got it installed and working in my new Dell.  When I installed my "old" WD 120 it shows up in the BIOS Setup.  It shows up in Device Manager. It shows up in Windows Explorer.  Which by the way the WD is setup in 3 partitions.  Primary partition only contains the OS and few programs. Extended partitions: one contains nothing but software aps. the last partition contains only data.  It's my understanding that I should be able to boot from the Primary partition on my WD connected to the Promise Controler in my new Dell with Win XP.  So I entered BIOS Setup and moved the boot sequece to boot from my WD 120.  Well it just didn't seem to work.  WIN 2k started to boot and then I got an unusual "blue screen" not the usual "blue screen of death"  I don't have the exact words displayed on this blue screen.  But the first sentence said "If you have not seen this screen before, restart your computer"  I did and the blue screen appeared again.  There were some mention of viruses and some other references that I don't recall.  
I have seen this screen before on an old Dell that originally had ME installed on it and had been upgraded to XP.   A short time after the upgrade this old upgraded Dell crashed and would not boot. And it just displayed this same unusual "blue screen"
The question is: How do I get my New Dell/XP to boot from my old WD with WIN 2k ?
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Well ... in your last question you asked if you could boot from a drive attached to the Promise controller.   The answer to that is yes.   HOWEVER, what you did not note in your previous question was that you wanted to try and boot to your old operating system from your old computer.  The answer to that -- as you've discovered -- is NO !!

The problem is simple:  you're trying to boot Windows 2000 on a different machine than it was installed on -- different CPU;  different chipset;  different peripherals; etc.   You CAN load Windows 2000 on that disk and it will boot fine; but it needs to be installed for THAT system -- NOT your old system.   You don't have to do a clean install -- you can do a "Repair" install (you need your Windows 2000 install CD) and all of your old programs, settings, etc. will still be in place.

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dockboy549Author Commented:
So if I do a "Repair" install of Win2k on my old WD 120 which is connected in my new PC on my new Promise Controller I should be able to boot from it ?
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
... after you do that, however, it will NOT boot on your old computer.  (That's probably obvious, but just want to be sure you understand that)

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
... also, be SURE you are "pointing" to the correct disk when you do the repair installation.   To be absolutely SAFE, you might want to disconnect the new disk (the one that came with the new computer and that has XP on it) while you do the Repair installation.
dockboy549Author Commented:
Done deal.  Thanks, you have been most helpful.
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