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Outlook Express Error Message 0X800CCC0F Connection Interrupted. NO MESSAGES SEND. Stay in OUTBOX

I have checked my SMPT setting on both email address I use in Outlook Express. I have checked my internet connection... I recieved a few emails but who knows if I recieved them all. My IE is working perfectly fine, so I know I'm connected. I tried SEND RECIEVE Button MULTIPLE Times. I changed locations ( apartment to home to work ) , I dont believe it's the internet connection. I checked the password to my email account with Road Runner, is the same.
Messages STAY in the outbox, some italicize and go bold , and then unbold, and if I try to click " outlook has already begun transmitting this message and cannot open" but then 5 minutes later I can open it and theres a message at the top " This message has not been sent " 

I have not made any significant modifications to my computer that i know of, I uninstalled and reinstalled Norton because it was interfering with my outlook saying it timed out before it scanned it, so I have it set not to intergrate with Outlook as of now.. but I recieved one message this morning at 730am, and a few of the ones I sent yesterday were ok and went through, but the rest all of today and part of yesterday have stayed in the outbox.... it's so frusterating to see them just sitting there with nothing I can figure out to do about it.

I have read as many solutions as I thought would agree with me, but I suppose nothing so far has worked... maybe my problem is a little different.

I can't uninstall and reinstall outlook without deleting current mail, correct?

That isn't an option.

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Greetings, Mbueker !

Your Outbox folder may be corrupted.  Close Outlook. Do a search for Outbox.* files and rename them. Then open Outlook. The Outbox folder will be recreated.

Outbox is located in the Outlook Express folder. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express  and dig down to find the Outbox files.  These are hidden files. Go to any folder and select Tools > Folders Options > View. Check "Show hidden files and folders". Click OK.

Best wishes!
>>I can't uninstall and reinstall outlook without deleting current mail, correct?

Yes, you can uninstall and reinstall Outlook Express without deleting current mail.  They are located in a separate folder and are not deleted with OE is uninstalled.
MbuekerAuthor Commented:
To re-install Outlook I would need a CD wouldn't I? It was already installed when I purchased my laptop from Dell.

I think you're right about it being corrupted. I found the Outlook folder but it was in Program Files, I don't have an Application Data File that I can see... I did change prfrence on hidden, and searched Outlook. files, What would I rename them to if I did in fact find them.

Also I went to C:\Documents and Settings\Mbueker\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook   *there is no outlook express folder* and all I see are data files (apprx 5) I did change prefrence mind you to view hidden folders... what am I doing wrong.

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In Outlook Express, look where your stored folder is located.  It may be on a network drive, not in Application folder.  Go to Tools > Options > Maintenance > Stored Folder  and see the path to your data file.

To reinstall Outlook Express
Hi Mbueker
as war1 suggested u need to search for outbox.* file
while as per ur comments i think u r trying to look for outlook.*


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Thanks, war1
Thanks Venabilit and GranMod!
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