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Hi -

I've tried something new (to me).  I've put up lots of sites usiing rather conventional means and/or worked with programmers who have provided me with custom cms in the past.

I decided to give a try to implementing a cms on a new domain.  I got phpwebsite, a free theme which i managed to install successfully.  I have some ideas of what I want to do but there is very little help I've found in the way of a manual, an active forum etc.  

For example...   there is a poll module that I successfully set up.  But it's on the home page.   And it's in the left column.  I'd like to use this poll function.  I can't figure out if it has to be on the home page (there is nothing to change it in the 'control panel') or not.  I don't know HOW to move it.  

I have other questions too.  I'm not certain just how flexible this phpwebsite is and I'm considering scrapping the whole thing and building a site the old fashioned way with html or xhtml.   Anyone have some insight into this?
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Richard DavisSenior Web DeveloperCommented:
Hi Linque,

Well, as for as your poll is concerned...there area a number of things that need to be considered. The package should have had some basic instructions on how to implement it into a page. Also, depending on the package again, the implementation can involve just a simple include, all the way up to full html/layout procedures.

Without knowing much about the poll package and it's respective installtion and implementation instructions it would be hard to describe much else in the lines of helping you out.

Post the code of the home page, we might be able to figure out what kind of implementation they use for the pole.

linqueAuthor Commented:
I"m sorry if my question seems more about the poll - really I meant it to be about the premade content management system (phpwebsite).  It offers this pole which puts the poll in a specific place.  So..   let me see if I am understanding both these comments properly -   assuming both of you understand how these content managament systems work, then you are saying that I should allow it to generate the pages and then change the code around?   I do know how to start from scratch and create a website - and I do know how to put a poll on a page.  My question was more about seeing what these CMS do (and specifically this one).

If the answer is yes - that generally one should let it make your page and then fool arou nd with the code - if that's what most do who use these systems then that's what I need to find out. Then I'll delve in and do that.

But if the answer is  within the CMS system and I'm missing this - then I need to know THAT.

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Most CMS will have some kind of a way to let you personalise their application, it is usually fairly simple like font size or color, ability to change some messgae to the users, stuff like that, they have those formating tags in a db and all theu do is query the db and let you edit/change the tag to suit your need.

As far as the general display goes, it is fairly static, they most of the time use templates to build the page, there will be a page to the the php script (querying the db, etc) and then the result is pass to the corresponding template  to be displayed.

If you want to change that it is more involving because you have to actually locate the page that run the script and then find the template that will display the result.

Once you understand the structure of the website you can change things around, just be aware though that sometimes it has a domino effect, you change something here and it change something else somewhere.

It's simple like polescript.php -> display pole, many time you will have other files included header, footer, authentification, may be a cookie or a session start.

I never work with phpwebsite personally so I cannot tell that's the way they go but there is a pretty good chance it is.


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linqueAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the points and the grade.

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