Login to a Windows server using one floppy on the client computer

Hi all
I have a windows 2000 server a domain controler and users. The network is working fine. That I am tryin to dois this:

1.- create an image of a client win98, one for win2000 pro and one winXP pro.
This part was easy, install PowerQuest software on the computers and create an image and put it on the Windows 2k server under a directory called IMAGES.

2.- now I have a blank had-drive and I want to dowload the image that is stored on the server. I new that I can boot the computer with a floopy give the DOS drivers for the nick ( a 3com card ) card an I should be able to use the " net use " command and it will give the drive letter tha are available and then put the PowerQuet image diskette and tell the drive in question . copy image here

3.- here is my dificulty: the floppy (s) i have made do not work.there are errors after error.and I never see the server .
Somebody knows where there is some literature that teach how to do it ( in English ) or if somebody know how to do it I will really apreciate.
I most eat my pride for ask this question  since I work with windows but I really need help.

PS: if some body decided to help me I will ask is can give the answer with some detail.
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Hi Jorge-123,

what are the errors that you receive?? do you get them prior to getting into the image software or in the initial boot?

You can find bootdisks in all flavors, including network boot, at http://www.bootdisk.com/
Note that you can clone Win98 without further ado (though I really wouldn't use it anymore), but you can NOT do that with W2k/XP. For the latter, you need to prepare the image with sysprep *before* you deploy it on the clients.
The Microsoft Policy Concerning Disk Duplication of Windows XP Installations

HOW TO: Use Sysprep.exe Tool to Automate Successful Deployment of Windows XP

How to Use Sysprep with Windows Product Activation or Volume License Media to Deploy Windows XP

Description of Microsoft Product Activation
Jorge-123Author Commented:
Thanks for your explanation. Now some of the files I downloaded from the website bootdisk.com do not open in my workingcomputer. the error says: " the current image format is not supported by this disk drive"
But no a problem , I am going to ttroubleshoot this error. may be the computer I try to execute this images is not good .
and also I could not find a "network bootable" but may be  I did not read correctly, any way, let me try to be more clear in my question:

When I was working with Novell, I was able to create a network bootable disk without to much problem.
Jus start in DOS ( any version ) create my config.sys and create my autoexect.bat with the driver for the Nic card i have in the computer and just load tha ipx protocol and give the later on the map commad to map to the F:\drive on a particular server.

I have been trying to folow the same methodology but it is not working. I do not now what to load on the config.sys other that the regular files=xx himen and Ect.,  and on the autoexec.bat load the dos driver for the nic card, and the windows protocols ,like netbios ( I read this on a book ) and give the net use commant to map a drive letter.

Well the computer (??) does not understand the commands I am giving to it. Protocols? binds? in other words, it seem to me that there are some protocols or some commad syntax tha I am not doing correctly.
End result , there is no server to communicate with.
IPX won't help you in a Windows network; try it with Bart's bootdisk (the first link in the Network boot disks at the above link), it contains a detailed description on how to create a network boot disk: http://www.nu2.nu/bootdisk/network/

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Jorge-123Author Commented:
Thanks for your help
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