Open large text based files

How can i open text files of size more then 160 MB???? Is there any software? MS Word, Wordpad and Notepad get stuck
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Kamran ArshadIT AssociateAsked:
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Any decent word processor will: WordPerfect, OpenOffice, or you can try something like Notetab, which I have seen recommended on EE.
Greetings, uetian1707 !

You can use Ultra-Edit, which has a free trial period

Best wishes!
Not sure why you need to open such a large file. But perhaps will help

It will parse through the file and extract the useful information.

Good luck.
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i've been using boxer ever since their first dos editor was released some 15 years ago. even back then it could handle files larger than available ram (which was a pretty big deal in 1991!). i still use my old dos version. the current windows version can edit files up to 2 gigs. it's not free, but well worth the clams. a free trial download is available.

if you're a fan of vi (or maybe even if you're not), you might like this one (free gpl licensed):

i hadn't tried it before, so i loaded up a big one (5.8 million line, 340mb text file, originally created in word 2003) in it. it took a little time to load the file, but it was extremely light (~12mb) on the memory usage, and was able to scroll through the entire document with barely a delay along the way. i can't count the number of times that i've typed ":w!" into notepad, so i just might start using it. :)


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Hi uetian1707,

The options above are definitely good, especially if they are free ones.  

I just have an FYI: I use MS Notepad to view 700MB log files with only latency issues when I get further into the log.  (I also have 4GB RAM on the server).

I'm wondering how much virtual memory your Windows has.  A quickie would be just to manually up the virtual memory to at least twice, and a max of 3 times your present RAM.  

You shouldn't have to do this on Win2K or XP; the automatic memory management should be good as is and should provide you with the amount of memory that you need (but then again, sometimes I think I believe the MS hype just a little too much).

New windows wordprocessors make the mistake of trying to digest the whole file at once, so they choke.  Old DOS wordprocessors did the opposite - only read a 64K page full at a time.  Wordstar was the first to do this.  So any program like that will not choke.  Have you tried Open Office?  It is fast at reading files and can work natively in word DOC format or any other.  Would not recommend WP for this, too slow.  Also try Moz / FF browsers composer, it might read just chunks at a time.
Far Manager is just perfect for such task:

It even can update in real time the display (e.g for log files, you can see then rolling in real time).

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