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FormView error: too many arguments specified

I put a formview on my webpage so I can insert and edit records.  It does not work properly... I get an error stating that it has too many arguments, but I can't figure out what is wrong.  There is no clear message, it's just vague - the stored procedure takes exactly as many parameters as I am passing in.  I must be missing something, but I can't figure it out.  I have worked with the formview and changed the parameters.  I have exactly aligned the parameters of the SP with the parameters passed from the formview. It just doesn't work.

Here is the exact error that I receive:
"Procedure or function INS_SERVICECALLS_InsertNewServiceCall has too many arguments specified."

I have tried to put the Stank on this error, but in the end I had no luck.  Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

- Stank Stank
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stankstankAuthor Commented:
I would really like to know how to fix this - the biggest problem is that I don't exactly understand what is going on.  Please help!
stankstankAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately that wasn't the fix - here is my insert block (html):

                                        <asp:Parameter Name="Office_ID" Type="Int32" />
                                        <asp:Parameter Name="FK_Technician_ID" Type="Int32" />
                                        <asp:Parameter Name="FK_Priority_ID" Type="Int32" />
                                        <asp:Parameter Name="FK_Category_ID" Type="Int32" />
                                        <asp:Parameter Name="FK_Status_ID" Type="Int32" />
                                        <asp:Parameter Name="FK_Contact_ID" Type="Int32" />

// Please note - they are all prefixed with 'FK_' because I was trying to standardize the names because of this error.  It did not fix the problem.

stankstankAuthor Commented:
Ok, I have eliminated the problem.  My stored procedure sends back a column called 'Contact'.  it is not needed for updating, because the contactID is for this (which is also returned).  

I don't understand why select/update are so closely tied together.  Is it is the same with insert?
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