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I have bought a domain name from a registration company.  I have a Windows 2003 Domain consisting of one DC and one IIS Server.  The domain registered is called abc.com.   The internet connection has a static IP address, firewall etc etc. - usual stuff.

Can someone tell me what I need or how I create a "public" name server so I can tell the rest of the world that abc.com points to my static IP address.
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You need to create a primary zone for abc.com on a hosted DNS Server (not your internal DNS server - you don't want the world to be able to see your internal dns records) and then delegate the domain abc.com to the name servers on the hosted DNS server. Then create an A record in the abc.com zone on the hosted DNS server for abc.com (or www.abc.com or whatever.abc.com etc) that points to your IP Address.

A free DNS Hosting service that I've found quite good is https://secure.vcsweb.com/dns
I recommend you let the company where you bought the domain name, or the provider that hosts the domain name, register the necessary DNS records for you. If you want mail delivered to your server, have them create the MX-records that point to your internet connection, the same goes for A-records that point to websites and the like. They should either do this via confirmed e-mail or a standard form you fax them.

Hosting a public, primary DNS server on your own network is just not possible with one internet connection and one server - the default install of Microsoft DNS will not live up to the technical and security standards you have to comply to, and apart from that you'll have to guarantee 100% percent uptime on your DNS servers. There are a lot of requirements to get SOA (Start Of Authority) for your domain name from the top-level nameservers.
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