Display resolution goes off screen

hi there,

I have an Acer Aspire 3500. The display adapter is an SiS M661MX. When I increase the resolution above 1024 x 768, the screen is out of my display. ie. i cannot see the start button and the windows are out of the visible region. How can I increase the resolution and keep it on the visible display area.
Thank you.
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If your Acer3500 laptop is any of these models then your native resolution is 1024x768 and when you go above this it reverts to a much lower resolution, perhaps 640x480 and you get the improper formation of the screen, as XP has a native resolution for its screens of 800x600.
-->AS3502LCi--> AS3502NLCi  --> AS3503LCi  15" XGA color TFT LCD with 1024 x 768 resolution

As sparkmaker said, your max resolution is 1024x768. LCD displays have exactly one correct resolution, and that is the max res. it can display. If you go above that, some video drivers will allow you to pan the extended display by moving the mouse. If your driver doesn't have that "pan" function, you won't be able to extend your display. Maybe you can find a driver for your video card that allows you to "pan".

If you use a resolution below the correct resolution of your display, things will be displayed unsharp and won't look good.

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I've never worked on an Acer, but, you may want to check the Bios. I've had some brands that have a "full screen" setting in the bios for resolution variables.
I think that if the screen entry in the settings of theO/S says 1024X768, you can't go beyond that (which can cause some confusion) If your laptop has a 1024X768 screen, you can't do anything about it; if the screen is indeed capable of more pixels, make sure that is reflected in the settings for available monitor.
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