Can I create a Form (HTML maybe?) that users can fill in an email back?


I am an executive Recruiter.  When I recruit a new candidate I send them an email message requesting their resume and some additional information.  I would like to send a standardized form (not .pdf) that anyone (no matter their email client) could fill in and email right back to me.  The form should be able to have:

1.  Tables
2.  Text Fields
3.  Combo-style droplists that I can set the choices on.
4.  Place to paste in a picture of themselves.
5.  Place to paste in their resume (text version is fine).

The goal is they open their email, fill in the form and return email it to me with all the data they have filled in still there.  I can't use Outlook forms as they may not have Outlook.

Thanks :)

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the simple answer is you cant.
Ok. Sorry about this but let me emphasize.

Email is subjective to the environment you use it in. If every one in the world used only exchange and outlook with word as editor, it might be possible. But sadly we use various apps to do the job. Formatting done on one will be altered on another.
You could try using an email with a hyperlink to a web based form to do this.
Good luck.
I am writing this using my nokia 6630. Limited text. The american government is doing this annually. It is the green card or diversity visa lottery. It is the most worth while use of a web based form that i have come across and reminded me of your requirements as well.

Just an insight.
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David LeeCommented:
Greetings, MitchellVII.

I agree completely with upul007.  The best solution for this is a web site.  Send the person a link to the site in the message asking them to click the link and fill in the information.

...and using php or a similar database web language, you can store the results directly into a database for futher execution...

Just to complete upul007 and BlueDevilFan with a few possibilities of a web-site...

Just a small work for a experienced PHP programmer...
Or u can send a word document with the form ....dat's it!!
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