Using a local printer on a VPN

In the past two days I have come across the same issue for two separate clients and I'm unclear how to deal with it.

Both clients have VPN connections to their office systems and both clients want to be able to print on their printers at home while connected to the VPN in their office.

In both cases naturally the local printers do not show up while on the VPN so I don't know how one can make it so that they do.

Which end of the VPN connection can one do this and how does one do it?

Client 1
On one of the client's machine using WXP Pro SP2, one can see the printer listed (one of the home PCs - there are two- has already got a connection to the local printer, but not the other PC that I was working on) but when trying to connect to it I get the message that says:
The credentials supplied conflict with an exisiting set of credentials. Overwriting the exisiting set of credentials may cause some running to stop functioning properly. Do you really want to overwrite the existing set of credentials?
If you select Yes the following message comes up:
The existing set of credentials cannot be deleted. Operation could not be completed.
The OS on the Office PC is WXP Pro SP2.

Client 2
The other client has an older local printer which can be seen while on the VPN but when I try to set up the new printer, the Add Printer icon on the VPN which uses W2K Advanced Server is not there. Does the addition of the local printer have to be done at the Office end of the VPN?

On this client's machine the local printers, other than the old one,  do not show up at all.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
What are you using to create the VPN tunnel?
If using the Windows built in VPN server and client, by default, as a security measure the local network is isolated/disconnected from the remote network while the VPN is established. This is to protect the remote network from other local users or services. However, it makes other local devices unavailable. To resolve open Network and Dial Up Connections, right click on the "virtual network adapter for your VPN connection, choose properties, under the networking tab choose Internet Protocol TCP/IP then properties, click advanced, the on the general tab uncheck the box "use default gateway on remoter network".
If using another VPN option the problem can be similar. Some are configurable.


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cscsonlineAuthor Commented:
Yes, one client is using the Windows built in VPN and the other is using Cisco.
On the Windows using client, I'll try your suggestion, thanks.
Any idea about the Cisco client?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Cisco client has a similar option in the client configuration but I don't think it will resolve the problem. You will likely have to have the Cisco router support tech enable split-tunneling to allow it to work, if that is in fact the problem. They may not be anxious to do that as  it is a security feature protecting the corporate network from the remote user's local network.
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hi, there

If you first share the local printer + permissions then under adding a printer using the

\\computername\local printer..;en-us;306566&sd=tech

cscsonlineAuthor Commented:
The Cisco setup has to be done from the Company end according to the Company. I'll try RobWill's suggestion on the Windows setup.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks cscsonline,
I am using XP built VPN and I did try ID 16349608, but I still cannot print to the printer from a different workstation in the local office, but remember I can print from the workstation that the printer is physically plugged into.
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