I have WinXP
I want to write cgi pages on my desktop and want to be accessed by everone as webpage

What all steps are required and from where to install those softwars
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Presumably you'll be using Perl for your CGI programs?

If so, you need to:

1.  Install a webserver
2.  Install Perl

I think the simplist option for you is to install IndigoPerl as it comes preconfigured with Perl, PHP and Apache to run CGI scripts straight out of the box.
1. install and configure a web server
2. install and configure whatever language your want to serve your CGIs
3. setup a firewall
5. secure your scripts so that they cannot be missused to compromise your server or any other site on the net
6. get an internet connection with an FQDN pointing to your IP
7. enjoy
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