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I am new to networking in general...I have a student study center.  This center right now has 6 Acer Computers with the AMD sempron chip...The computers do basic word processing and I want them to have internet access.  The broad band modem is approximately 50 feet away in another office. There is a plaster lathe wall separating the rooms.  I would like to have your reccommendation for which type of wireless router I should use along with which type of card...there is a budget....but I would like to try to avoid a "log Jam" should six computers try to access the internet at once
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A simple Wireless Router connected to the Broadband modem and Wireless cards on the computer would do.

Keep the Wireless Router in the Study center, and run a Ethernet (LAN) Cable from Cable modem to it.

Here are some thing that would facilitate more availability

1. Use USB Wireless Adapter card, by this way you can use a USB ext cable if required and place the Wireless Adapter at optimal place.

2. Use a Wireless G Router, preferably one with
             a. WDS - This would enable to have Wireless Repeater in near feature.
             b. Provision for External Antenna - if the default antenna doesn't provide enough coverage.

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neat! thanks...do you recommend a brand  I was Thinking linksys
Linksys is better. But you can think of SMC, Cisco, Zyxel for Enterprise Access Points.
RaynDonnaAuthor Commented:
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