Which key do I press to get a forward Sinqle quote and a backward single quote

I can't remember which key I press to a forward single quote and a backward single quote.  I put in `` and in Unix ksh shell I get a message that say unmatched, because these are forwad single quote.  How do I create the backward single quote.  Help
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leftridge1Author Commented:

Using UNIX in the Korn shell
could you post the complete line you´re trying to enter?
leftridge1Author Commented:
I just need to know what keys I press in Unix to get the single quote to match for example
awk `($2=="F"){print}`users  - `` doesn't match  what key do I press to get these symbols to match
forward quote `
backward quote ' - this is note a backward quote
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You do not use backquote in this manner.
`some command`  executes some command in a subshell and substitutes its output in the script.

In  your example, you want to use regular single quote ('), generated by the key between :; and Return/Enter on US keyboards.  (The same key generates double quote (") when shifted).

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out just what you are trying to accomplish in your command, since no valid assortment of forward quotes and back quotes makes sense.

awk '($2=="F"){print}'

is valid awk program.  I don't know what you are trying to accomplish with the `users -` command.

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leftridge1Author Commented:
What I'm trying to say is how do you close your single quote
 I've create 12 records that have 6 fields and I'm trying to display an employee who make 6-figure salaries by typing in :
awk '(length($6)==6){print}' employeefile
when I type this int the command  say unmatched `. - NEED TO KNOW HOW TO CLOSE MY SINGLE QUOTE.  Didn't mean to make things seem so complicated.  Please help a sister out.
' is closed by '
awk '(length($6)==6){print}' employeefile
is a valid command with properly balanced '
do you have ` anywhere else in your script?
leftridge1Author Commented:
 i can't seem to close my quote when am at the command prompt
$awk '(length($6)==6){print}' employeefile - what keys on the keyboard do I press to get this symbol.  I can type '  ' by pressing the key  ' , but at the command line it doesn't come out like this it comes out as unmatched '.  I hope this helps
It should be the same key that you pressed to type it here.
Can you cut and paste the command from this page onto your shell line,
and cut and paste what comes out and any messages back to here?
leftridge1Author Commented:
I got it.  Thanks for all your help!!
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