How do I connect to POP using PEAR class from another server

I am using the "Net_POP3" class from the PEAR package in order to connect to a POP server and check messages. It works perfectly fine when run from the same server as the one hosting the email, but when I try to run it from a sister server with a different domain name, it churns for a minute and then returns "Generic login error." All login info is most definitely correct, as it works fine when on the same server.

I am not terribly familiar with the PEAR package so I hope someone who is, or a more IT-saavy person, might be able to tell me why the login is being rejected. Some PEAR setting? Something on the server blocking access? (Works fine when checking via a mail reader like Outlook Express.) Thank you in advance!
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Did you read the documentaion available online? (here: ). Does it help at all? Do you get true or false when you use the connect() method?
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VallenwoodAuthor Commented:
This problem was resolved by the web hosting company -- it was NOT a deficiency of the script or a configuration issue with it or the PEAR package. The issue, according to them, was with their APF firewall. They said that they reinstalled the APF firewall and this resolved the problem. So if you have a similar problem--your script can check POP mail on its own server but not on a different server--contact your web host and request that they examine their firewall or otherwise make sure one server is not blocking the other.
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