Cant Install Driver for my Sil0680A IDE Controller Card

Hi Experts,

I have an IDE Controller Card installed on my PCI slot.  After I'd formatted my harddrive recently, XP cannot detect this card's driver, and unfortunately, i lost the driver disc that came with the card too...

so i open the case and look at the chip on this card which is labelled "Silicon Image Sil0680ACL144"

After i searched on internet, I "think" this card should be Sil0680A ... and I've downloaded the driver from:

However, even I specified the location of the driver that i downloaded during hardware installation, windows still says that cannot install the driver...

any idea how to solve this problem?

Many Thanks!!

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Point Windows to the .inf file located in the download file folder not just the folder location. T
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l Operations - RetiredCommented:

Create a folder on your C drive or Desktop and name it Controller or something you will easily remeber. From this link download the driver:

SiI0680/0680A 32-bit Windows IDE Driver you should not need the BIOS Update from the search page, the BIOS for that card should be included in the Driver file.  Do not download the RAID driver unless you are using RAID in your setup.

Unzip the driver download to the folder you created the point to it for the install.


After formatting the drive and installing windows, did you also install your mainboard drivers? If not, this could be the problem.  Find updated drivers from your mainboard manufacturer site and install them (if you haven't already)
airokAuthor Commented:
Hi wl,

I simply downloaded the driver to my harddriver, then chose "Install from a list or specific location" in hardware installation,
then "Dont search, I will choose the driver to install" ..
then i tried to choose "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers", and specify the driver inf file that i downloaded, but it gives me error "The specific location does not contain information about your hardware"

so i tried to add as a "SCSI and RAID Controller".  but after installation, windows says "Cannot Start this Hardware", "This device cannot start (Code 10)

did i do something wrong??


I did install my mainboard driver... other PCI cards like my D-Link Wireless card etc all are working well ... except this IDE Controller card...

Many Thanks!
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l Operations - RetiredCommented:
Hi Airok,

I do know this card is primarily used for installing RAID, But it might work for what you want if not RAID. Check the Device Manager to see if any drivers did install, and delete any that are there. Power down your PC, remove the power cord from the rear, and hit the power button to discharge any electricity stored.  

Remove the PCI-IDE controller card...Now insert the IDE cable(s) port 0 is the first and port 1 is for the second cable.  

Insert the board into a PCI slot that supports bus master DMA. (Your computer's manual should identify the bus-master slots.)

Plug your power cable back in and boot up the system and re-install the drivers from and choose the SiI0680/0680A 32-bit Windows IDE Driver and not the second driver listed, it is for RAID.



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