DHCP Porblem

Hi experts,  

can anyone help on this problem,  

I have 2 X2003 server DC in my network,  1 of the dc is getting the error

"Windows cannot query for the list of Group Policy objects. Check the event log for possible messages previously logged by the policy engine that describes the reason for this."

All my clients on the network are getting this error aswell,  No clients can get an ip address from the DHCP Server..

Can anyone help please..

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Hi plunkettjames,

for your server side of things, make sure its pointing to itself for DNS

for the DHCP side of things and client, make sure you scope is authorised and activated,        are the clients actually able to log on to the domain, if yes then you are getting an IP. Check your DHCP scope and make sure all DNS settings are correct expecially that it is pointing the clients towards the server for DNS primarily       dont include and ISP DNS servers....

maybe run DCDIAG and see if you can nail down any other issues


We will all need more information to assist you:

- Are both machines running DHCP?
- Is the DHCP service started on the DHCP server(s)?
- Have you verified that both servers are connected to the network by pinging routers, checking internet pages, etc?
- Are there any errors in the event viewers of your servers?
how can the clients on your network get the error if they have no IP adress from the DHCP server?
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