Apple Powerbook 145B--Internet Possible?

A customer brought in a Apple Powerbook 145B that's older than dirt by about 10 years.  She want's to know if there is a glimmer of hope for Internet use on it.  I haven't seen any Internet-browsing capabilities in the OS, but the laptop itself has a phone modem.  Does this modem mean that it might get dial-up Internet, or is it for old-school dial-up networking?  
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Dial-up is dial-up.  This machine supported a 2400 baud modem.  Slow as molasses.  You certainly would not want to browse the Web graphically, but email should be almost tolerable, if you can avoid HTML mail and spam.  Your challenge might be to find an ISP that supports 2400 baud dialup.

The next question is whether the version of Mac OS on the machine supports TCP/IP over dial-up.  But this machine is very old - 25Mhz 68030, maximum RAM is 8MB, and it only supports Mac OS 7.  It looks like Mac OS 7.1 and greater support TCP/IP over dial up.  Configuration of PPP would be as follows [substitute your ISP]:


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Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
There are devices for Ethernet over SCSI, and I have used these devices on older Macs, but never tried a 145. They have worked on a PB 180, so I suspect  the 145 will work.

In fact, here is a link that shows a Classic with Ethernet. I have sold several of these on eBay, and perhaps you can find one as well. Basically the plug into the Ethernet, and come with a drive for the OS. I believe you may need OS-7.1 or better however.

See an example here:

And while this is not my item, here is one on Ebay now. I do not know if this will work for sure, but this is what I have used in the past:

(Sorry if posting these links is against the rules, I could not recall, and they do answer the quesiton.)

Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
Correction on above: These devices plug into the SCSI port and give Ethernet and Scici over the device. Sorry for any confusion.
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