How to compile a VBNET .dll and use it as reference in Excel?

i am upgrading my VB6 application to VBNET.
I have Excel set up already with a reference to my VB6 dll and everything works fine.
when i finished correcting all the errors and warnings to upgrade my project to NET, i built it,  but now i can't find it in the Excel references. and when i browse to it i get an error "Cant reference the selected file".
please give me any guidance since im new to VBNET.
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Bob LearnedCommented:
Here is an article that describes the steps to create a COM-capable .NET assembly:

Calling .NET From COM

newyuppieAuthor Commented:
i need guidance in why i need to regasm the dll when in VB6 it was registered automatically. i also want to know whats this about strong names and how does this affect excel interoperability.
any suggestions?? even a link that i can read.
newyuppieAuthor Commented:
thats an article for C, but basically describes the steps very lightly.

after i regasm my dll, and try to call it with excel, i get "automation error: file or assembly not found". i registered it globally too and no luck.
do i have to use CREATEOBJECT in excel necesarilly? i've been trying to create the object like DIM myobj as NEW assembly.class, like ive always done when i use to make VB6 dlls, but no luck i get the automation error.
any suggestions?>
newyuppieAuthor Commented:
i accepted because i kind of found this out on my own, but i appreciate Bob's help. the link was very general, and C# not VBNET. the grade C was because of the generality of the link
thanks anyway
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