Rehoming public folders Exchange 2000 to 2003

I have a single Exchange server 2000 which I will be phasing out and replacing with an Exchange 2003 Server.  The 2003 server is in place and a test mailbox confirms connectivity through the old server to/from the internet.  OWA is working on the 2003 server as well.

Using KB 307917, I was able to rehome successfully several public folders using the replication steps outlined in the article.  However, I not gettng both servers to show IN SYNC when trying to rehome the Offline Address Book OAB Version 2 and the Schedule + Free Busy System folders.

Old Server shows IN Sync

New Server shows Local Modified

Help - trying to get this migration completed today.

twfrostIT ConsultantAsked:
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If you carry out the tasks listed in the article for changing the OAB server, then you will not need to wait for that to replicate.
As long as both servers are listed for the free / busy information, then the clients may well populate that folder for you.

The test will come when you turn off the old server to see whether there are any problems before removing it.

If you wanted it completed today, you should have started a week ago.
Exchange 2000 public folder replication is very slow.

I also find that the "in sync" status window will rarely appear. I usually use the item count to verify if the folders are in sync (or not).

Agreed with Sembee. When i migrated my server, it took 12h+ (roughly, I haven't checked all the night :)) to have my tree (14Gb) in sync accross a Gig link with both servers on the same switch.

twfrostIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I decided to leave the old server in place this week but I was able to move the mailboxes from the old server to the new server using the Move Mailox wizard in ESM.

I guess I'll leave replicating on for a while until I'm ready to remove the old server - I only have 12 users on this domain - it shouldn't take too long to replicate OAB and Schedule data ???

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