How will server hardware affect our Veritas 10 D backups?

Currently we have a generic backup server - 2.8 Ghz Pentium, 1 GB RAM, Gig NIC Card. The server runs Backup Exec 10D, and has a SCSI connection to an Overland Neo 2000  with 2 SDLT drives. We are finding we are writing to tape at about 500 MB/minute. An internal debate we are having is whether increasing the horse power/hardware on the backup server will help our backup speed. One suggestion is that it will since backup data originating from a server must get analyzed/processed on the backup server before getting sent to the Overland tape library. Your thoughts?
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First thought is to try to locate the bottleneck: create sample data on the backup server himself (some gig) and backup those to the library directly. See how fast that gets.
horsepower wont improve the tape limitations, your limiting factor.  If you must use tapes, invest in a second tape drive identical to the first, hang them off the SCSI with IDs 9 and 8, and the backup software will be able to do double duty, the system will not hickup, because the tapes spend most time running.  i.e. your bottleneck is the tape technology, not the system.  Now if you want to get better than tape, that is another story.

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I agree with scrathcyboy.

qwert5905Author Commented:
complexymetron  - If the backup speed from the backup server itself is much faster than jobs originating from another server, what does this indicate?
Generally speaking, if you can run a process on the backup system directly, but another computer sending jobs to the backup system does not run the backup system at full speed (assuming it is not doing any other task), then you have a network problem.  Printing for example -- send a print job from Sys1 to Sys2, and Sys1 is freed up immediately.  Sys2 should then print to its printer at the same speed as if you did the print job directly on Sys2.  Look to the network, are any routers 10 base, are there any slow connections along the line.  Browse the windows file system of Sys2 (backup) from Sys1, if there is any hesitation, you have a networking software issue.  It should be almost as fast as the backup is directly.
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