Adding second public folder Exchange 2003

I am attempting to add another public folder store, and am having problems with it displaying correctly.  First, I created the public folder tree, then I created a store and associated it with the public tree.  I then created a new virtual directory in IIS.  When I attempt to access it, I get an Apache style listing of the directory (e.g. [To parent directory...]).  When I created the virtual directory, I set the 'Local path' to \\.\BackOfficeStorage\\NewDirectory.  For the public folder, it was \\.\BackOfficeStorage\\Public Folders.  I'm not sure if this is correct, and it may be where the problem is coming from.  When I attempt to access it via OWA, I enter, which I then get the directory listing mentioned above.  Also, the icon in IIS for the 'Public' folder is a blue globe.  The 'NewDirectory' icon is a gear.  Don't know what the difference is.  Any ideas?
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OWA VDirs are a bit special, you can't create them in IIS Manager.  You need to create it in Exchange System Manager.  Go to Protocols/HTTP, and right-click your Exchange Virtual Server, choose New/Virtual Directory, and then choose Public Folders, and attach it to your new PF tree.
bleujaegelAuthor Commented:
That was it!  I had no idea you could configure this in ESM.  Thanks for the help.
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