Can I get the date a picture was taken from $FILES array?

Dear experts

I am working on an image file upload script that attempts to read the date the image was taken from the uploaded file array.

I found the 'filemdate' function on and attempted to use it with the following results:

With filemdate($_FILES['ImgFile'][tmp_name]) this just returns the current date (I'm guessing because it was modified when uploaded to the temp dir).

With filemdate($_FILES['ImgFile'][name] I get: 'Warning: filemtime(): Stat failed for 100_0436.jpg (errno=2 - No such file or directory)'.

Can anyone help?

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$_FILES['ImgFile'][name] is literally the filename of the file on the clients computer (so Bob.jpg)

$_FILES['ImgFile'][tmp_name] is where PHP temporarially stores the file and is going to be not very old.

If you do

$exif_data = exif_read_data ($_FILES['ImgFile'][tmp_name]);

The time the photo was taken should be stored at $exif_data['FileDateTime'] as a Unix time stamp (or it is on all my photos), but it is conceivable that this information wont exist in certain cases.  

It is also stored in $exif_data['DateTime'] as a proper date by my digital camera, BUT I found this was removed by Photoshop when saving for web, so it may not be as reliable as 'FileDateTime'.  

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JasLaneAuthor Commented:
Thanks for clearing that up CaveyCoUk. The $exif_data doesn't work in all cases but is the best fit for my problem. Thanks!
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