Get name of SPAN tag?

How can I get the name or ID of a SPAN tag on a page?  It is the only one, it is in a form, which is in a DIV, and the ID does not match the names of any of the other elements.  What we need is, but it doesnt seem to exist.  JS routine is outside form, so cannot rely on "this".
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Hi scrathcyboy,

<span name="FOO" id="BAR">

var element = getElemenyById("BAR");
var aForm = element.form //<-- this is what you want

You said the ID is unique, so access the element through its id! =)

Joe P

Get the element ID:

Get the element Name:

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scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
BogoJoker, you miss point, we dont know name or ID of SPAN, this is what we are trying to retrieve!!
Bubbledragon, I try yours, looks like it might work, I knew you could address the SPAN element, but did not have the right syntax.  Will let you know.  Thanks for input.
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scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
Fantastic, Bubbledragon, works like a fire-breathing dragon!  For extra points can you fix an annoyance?

When I open a popup, the URL shows in the Browser header before the Title.  Dont want this, just want the title, but cant seem to get rid of the URL infront.  When opening window, am writing this to it --

     win.document.write("<TITLE>" + divName + " Information</TITLE>");

So it does come up with "product" Information, in browser header line, but URL is still in front of that.
Any ideas how to get rid of the URL, it doesnt show in the main or other windows, just in the popup. (??)
I can't face your problem, I test below and the URL did't shows in the Browser header.
Maybe get more information for testing.

     divName = "Product";
     var win ='', '', '');
     win.document.write("<TITLE>" + divName + " Information</TITLE>");
scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
No problem, am very happy to get SPAN solution, thank you lots, I will eventually figure out the browser issue, dont worry about it.  Closing off question now, Thanks and see you later.  
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