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I have an associate that made a request the other day.

The company has numerous bank accounts some within one web login and others with other banks.

Her is what the request was.
They would like some type of automation that would log into the bank website, select the first account, find the current balance, and write it to a spreadsheet.  Then move on to the next account for that bank and do the same..  and so on.
Then access other online bank accounts and do the same.  
After the fact, I would like the spreadsheet emailed to certain recepients.  This is currently a manual daily proces but they would like it automated.

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Or Windows Power Pro (free):

I haven't used Windows Power Pro, but QuicKeys is VERY easy to use and is only $80 per user.
I would not recommened that, especially the web logons. Any hacker good use that info.
I use online banking, and it obviously users a secure site. my userid is stored in cookies, all I ever do is enter my password credentials.

However if you do want it, you could try installing macro software. See what that does. Not sure how well it could work on secure servers.
Examples are listed here
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
If you are using AS400 , best is DB2 with PHP. (Use DB2 ODBC Connector).

BR Dushan
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Mike, the example I gave requires no coding, just settting up
if you want to develop it, what language do you want to use? because on Windows, there is WinInet, which can be used to access ftp and http sites. I just checked for https and apparently it does that also, though I have never tried it with that (I have done FTP though).;en-us;168151

other links regarding wininet
mcrosslandAuthor Commented:
thank you very much.  My initial thought was a PC macro that would record every move and keystroke since I have to navagate and then get data into a spreadsheet, then email it daily.
there are a VERY large number of bank accounts that need to be reviewed daily and I am just trying save the treasurer some time in her busy day.
mcrosslandAuthor Commented:
strange.  I noticed that Automate is on the top of the list.  This product is currently being used by one of our vendors to grab info from an AIX server and then either fax or email to recipients.  That would be great if we could use a software that we already own.  I know it does half the functions I'm looking for but not too sure about how it would navagate several bank websites and pull the daily balance.  Have you had experience with that product?
If u want macros then here is a cuirrent topic which may be of interest

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