Job market for sql server 2000/2005 Data warehousing/Business Intellgence developer

How is the job market for a SQL server 2000/2005 data warehousing and Business intelligence developer (AS, MDX, SSIS,RS,..)?  Is it good skills to have? What would be the future of DW/BI market?
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Is it good skills to have?
After the relational store the first major component of the SQL Server 2005 platform is Integration Services.
Enterprise ETL platform
High performance
High scale
More trustworthy and reliable
Best in class usability
Rich development environment
Source control
Visual debugging of control flow and data
Great range of transforms out-of-the-box
Highly extensible
Custom tasks
Custom enumerations
Custom transformations
Custom data sources
Jung - to answer your question more directly rather than a generalization of 2005 components.. Yes they are marketable skills. People are deploying BI databases with SQL, and even if they are using other DBMSs (like Oracle as we talked about in your last employment type question about which skills to have, and I said both if you can), SSIS in 2005 and DTS in 2000 are used for a lot of ETL processes.

I would say it is first good to have solid DBA skills in general, then SQL DBA skills and Database development skills, then add to that a solid understanding of AS and it's components including the tools (DTS and SSIS in 2005) used to get data into the warehouse. Having a degree based in Mathematics helps with the DW end of things.
Craig YellickDatabase ArchitectCommented:
Microsoft bundles all of the BI/DW/OLAP and reporting tools into the base product price, which means anyone with an installation of SQL Server could potentially be in need of the services of such a developer. SQL Server does not (yet) dominate the market in terms of license dollars, but it does dominate the sheer number of installations.

Go to and search on "microsoft sql server BI", as of this afternoon there were 95 listings.

From everything that I can see, BI in general and the Microsoft SQL Server platform in particular looks to be a good long-term career option.

-- Craig
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