Bmp to Pbm

Dear All.

Guys I need your help in the following :

I'm looking for an API function that allows me to convert Bmp image into Pbm image, really I need this function as soon as possible.

I will be so happy if  you find a solution to this problem.

Thanx in Advance.
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My Friend it is not a piece of Cake.

You can download pbmPlus toolkit from the Internet that has library to convert bmp to pbm

But if you are bit at programming you can create a program for yourself, as it will not be very hard.

Bitmap File format (Source code included for reading / Display)

PBM File Format

    Using this Information may you can write a program yourself.

Hope this helps

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dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
Here is a sgareware program you can try, 30-day trial:
ImageMagick is a Free/Open Source package that, among other things, provides for converting image files between many (nearly all?) file formats:

It is a very powerful package.  The part of the package that does what you want is called, conveniently enough, 'convert' (convert.exe for Windows).
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