Accessing existing site with FP

Someone created a site for me in FP. It's been published to the server.

I have the server passwords (etc) so IWHT I could just ask FP to open the site, allow me to edit it, or to import it back to my C drive and then edit and re-publish it.

When I use the Import / FromSite option, (I've tried it with "HTTP" and "FP/Ext") all it gives me is a folder containing an empty "images" folder and an empty "_private" folder, and nothing else.

I need a situaiont where both myself and the creator can edit the page. If we have to pass the "local" version of the site back and forth between us each time we want to edit stuff, it's not going to be elegant.

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Do not use the import export.

Create an empty website on your computer. Now you can close this and go to File - Open web - enter (where is the name of your website). It should ask you for your user name and password.  Once you have entered these, Frontpage should open the web.  

Now go to File - Publish and as the destination, choose the place you created above.


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Corey gave you the correct answer, but I would like to add something just in case.  Some sites require the Port number,  e.g:

Otherwise, is enough

nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
If your problem is editing the files live on the web, check with your host to see if your FrontPage server extesnions are installed, enabled and functioning correctly.  If you have access to the FP server extensions admin console for your site, you could try repairing or reinstalling the server extensions altogether.

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ccomleyAuthor Commented:
FP Server extensions *are* installed.

I don't necessarily want to edit the files "live" on the webserver, I'm happy to "import" the active website, edit it, and re-publish it.

The reason behind this is, there are two people, perhaps three, who will work on the site from time to time - if we can't find a way of doing an open/edit/save(republish) of the live data then we'll have to work out a way of passing a zipped copy of the site (FPage data files from c drive) back and forth, whcih seems a bit over-kill.


As Corey said:

Create a folder in your hard disk Name it  whatever you like,  let's say MySite
Open Site
The site Opens,  Now:
Select File
You will have  "Local" and "Destination", Destination will be your PC.
Browse to the folder which you created MySite and select it,  Frontpage will say that the web is not created,  accept.  Then Frontpage starts bringing the website from the internet to your computer.

It is publishing in both ways from Internet to your computer and visa versa.

Importing is a different thing.  When you import you import a folder or file(s) from your computer to the website on the server or also to the website on your hard disk.

By publishing you copy the whole website and everything necessary to keep it running.  Importing is a selective issue where you add files or folders to a web.

ccomleyAuthor Commented:

I thought that in "publishing" a site from FP to the Web server it made some changes to the content - if that's so presumably when "Publishign" in the other direction, it makes the corresponding adjustment?

I'll go play...

You don't have it on the local HD right and you want it on the local HD right?  Just publish from the server to the local computer -"backwards publishing" if you will.  

Importing sometimes messes things up and publishing will help to keep everything straight

Publishing creates an identical version of the website from the local to the destination.  Sometimes local means the web and destinatoin means the hard disk and vise versa.  It depends on the open (active) web.

Active web = Local
Destination = Remote

ccomleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks chaps - way clearer than MS documentation. :-)
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