Copy content of my old SUS to my new WSUS server but the old SUS no longer exist


I have backed up the Content folder of my old SUS server that was undeer w2k server
My new server run on w2k3 and i have installed WSUS with sql desktop that came with it.

Is there a way to copy the content of the old SUS server to this new WSUS ( all the CABS and Updates).

I try the command WSUSUTIL.EXE without success maybe im wrong.


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ikm7176Sr. IT ManagerCommented:
RosebelAuthor Commented:

can you also help me on this

2006-04-02 13:18:09  17:18:09   Success   IUENGINE       Starting
2006-04-02 13:18:09  17:18:09   Success   IUENGINE       Determining machine configuration
2006-04-02 13:18:10  17:18:10   Error     IUENGINE       Querying software update catalog from http://cerberus/autoupdate/getmanifest.asp (Error 0x80190194)
2006-04-02 13:18:10  17:18:10   Success   IUENGINE       Shutting down

i dindt take the defalt website for wsus i chose to take a new one named  WSUS Administration

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