New Desktop PC - No display

I have bought new desktop PC components {M/board, Processor, Memory, HDD, 250WP/s  & Case}
I have assembled the components.
I do not get display.
Switching on without memory, speaker does not beep.

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If you could list the specs of your mb and components, it could help in troubleshooting the problem.

First, try the board outside the case on a nonconductive surface like cardboard or wood. Connect PSU. Add only one stick of ram, cpu/fan, and video. Reseat each component. Check the cpu is seated well with a 'thin' layer of thermal silver and that the heatsink has perfect contact with the cpu. (If there are pegs that attach through the board, make sure they poke through the board evenly.) Double check your power connections...there is usually another connection required for the cpu.
Instead of using the power button, try powering on by shorting out the on/off pins. To do this you can use a screwdriver or use a jumper then remove it. If it powers on with video, you can (while unplugged) add one component at a time to see where the problem lies.

If you have no luck with the initial testbed, looking at the basic components is in order. Testing your cpu and ram and video in another system can tell you if they are all good.  Since you are getting no beeps, it appears that the problem is most likely with the PSU or motherboard. A 250w psu is on the low end for most newer systems, so it may not be enough power, but you should get some action with the minimum components, unless your video card requires more. Many video cards require a minimum of 350w power, as well as some cpu's.
Some other questions:
Do you see the PSU starting up and the fan going?
Are the case fans and cpu fan spinning?
If you try running with absolutely no components, do you get any beeps?

If you have another known-good psu just to test with and if all other components tested ok, and you get the same result, it points to a faulty motherboard. (not impossible)

Another possibility is incompatible listing the specs would be helpful. This is less likely, however, as you didn't get any beeps.
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As maramom already mention, we could use some more information.

I'd make sure the video card is seated in properly... if it's integrated video, then you might have a problem where you need to check out your other hardware first.
Sounds more like power connections though ... namely the power connection to your motherboard.
Wooky JackCommented:

Were any of these solutions helpful or do you need further assistance?  We're here to help, let us know!
That problem could be anything. we NEED the requested info. I hate it when they do not reply.
LoyisoAuthor Commented:
Problem solved. I discovereed that it was a faulty processor. Thank you guys.
>>Testing your cpu and ram and video in another system can tell you if they are all good
In my first post, I did list steps to try to identify which component was the culprit. Although I suspected the motherboard or PSU, all components are suspect with the information we were given in the original question and I included steps which would have identified the processor as the problem. We weren't given any requested feedback by Loyiso to further finetune our troubleshooting steps.
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