Hi everyone

I have OWA installed and users  using to access there email, I need to know if there is a way to  let users know how much they reached interm of storage in the mail box , like the counter in hotmail  that says eg 1MB of 250MB .

Thank you very much

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Nothing in OWA.

The closest you can get is when using the full Outlook client, and that is to right click on the Mailbox name at the top of the folder tree, choose Properties then Folder Size. That option doesn't exist in OWA.

Basicly you are limited to the warning levels. At which point an e-mail will be sent to the user of the mailbox who is nearing a defined storage level. I like to give myself a good load of space between the warning level and the critical level in case other administrative tasks prevent me from getting around to walking a user through archiving their e-mail or simply getting them to clean it up.

These settings are located on the limit tab of the properties dialog box of the mailbox store you are working with.
Exchange System manager>Servers>Your Storage Group>Your Mailbox Store

This isn't exactly what you want but it gives the users, and thus you a heads up before the mail stops flowing.
Good luck!
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