Install two video cards

I have a new Dell XPS 400 windows media center computer with an ATI radeon x600 se (dvi-vga-tv out)
PCI express video card.  I want to add a Matrox G200 quad PCI video card to my system.  When I do the
Matrox G200 does not work.  Any ideas on how I can get it to work?

I go to the device manager; display adapter; devices are working properly.  But montors on the g200
are still blank.  Why would the monitors be blank it the drvices are working properly?
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if you want the second monitor to act as an extension of your first monitor you need to enable extended desktop.

go to display settings, settings tab, click the monitor with number 2 and check the box stating "extend my desktop to this monitor"

if you want the 2nd monitor to display exactly what you have on the originl screen for tutorial purpose, you need to enable cloning. go to display properties, settings tab, click advnce, if you are using ati catalyst click launh catalyst otherwise click display mnager tab. turn on the monitor representing your second monitor and click the clone button. click apply then click ok's

hope this helps
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Go to display settings, and toggle the monitor display from 1 ->>> 2.
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