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I have a w2k3 domain running Citrix. All my users use roaming profiles. And i have redirected each users desktop and my documents folder.
My problem is that users store some files at their my documents folder and others at their desktop.
So every time a user wants me to retreive a folder or file they lost they never know where it was stored.
In order to overcome this problem i decied to lock the desktop folder so users cant create files or folders.
My problem is that some users want to creat shortcuts on the desktop of files and folders they use frequently.
Is the a way to only allow shortcuts to be placed on the desktop and restrcit the creation of folders and file.
If on permisions i deny the user the ability to create files / write data and create folder/ append data when the user clicks send to --> Desktop (create shortcut) we get a access denied message

Many thanks,
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Hi Foukos7,

if you are denying the user the ability to create files or folders than you are denying them ability to make shortcuts.. (which i think is smart for your scenario) you users are just going to have to deal with the fact that if they arent going conform and save documents where they should then they suffer the consequences, why dont you create them for them on the server...?

Foukos7Author Commented:
Jay Jay i know that but its imposible to manualy create shortcuts for each user.
I thought of that but it would consume a lot of my time

if they are using similar shortcuts why not write a small file and add it as a logon script for each user?
Foukos7Author Commented:
Oh I can add shortcuts throught log on scripts? if someone explains me how to do it i ll award them the points

Many Thanks,
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