Unix interview questions

Hi Experts,

 I have a list of interview questions whih I need answer from you. Please help me on this.

1) Unix command to copy the files with name containing test from /export/home to /tmp/dir2
2) If I need to run large number of jobs in the night what utility I will use
3)How to find the available space in a particular directory
4)what is soft link and hard link
5)Command to copy a file from directory /export/home/users in machine1 to /tmp/dir/ in machine2.

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Prashant SabnekarAVPCommented:
Answer to Q5>
scp -r /export/home/users/filename IPAddress_of_Mac2:/tmp/dir


scp -r /export/home/users/filename

I will soon give the rest of the answers, actually at this instance I unable to remember them.

Prashant Sabnekar

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how about reading a book?
1) cp
2) whatever you feel comfortable with (cron at scripts:)
3) depends on your filesystem capabilities, if there is no quota the question is useless
4) soft link is a special inode with reference to another resource/target, hard link just increments the use counter in an inode and adds an additional name for it
5) rcp, scp, ftp, wget, curl, and many many more ...
It it is a entry level position, you can tell the interview panel what you know about
Unix, and you wish to learn (faster learner?).

If you gave a *nix (linux, Unix) system, login to the system and do:

man cp
man tar
man df
man ln
man crontab
man cron

It will give you the answers for the questions.

If it is not the entry level position, you should skip the interview for this time.
stay at home and start to learn *nix. Install Linux/Unix in your PC, play with the system. please have a look at the links in:


Good luck !

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Prashant SabnekarAVPCommented:
Answer to Q1>>>
cp /export/home/test* /tmp/dir2/

How to find the available space in a directory.

Look directory is not a drive to have something like free space or available space, It will have size, that you can find out by typing ll command, or programatically by using fcntl.

Good Luck

Vinit KainCommented:
you can find space used by a directory by

du -ks /your_directory

or can find the space available on filesystem

df -k .
> you can find space used by a directory by
.. but the question was "available space"
The interviewer knows why :-))
Vinit KainCommented:
>> .. but the question was "available space"
The interviewer knows why :-))

I Know,

But if this question is asked to me in any interview, I will tell the same what I posted.


You said:

>you can find space used by a directory by

>du -ks /your_directory

That's "incorrect" if there are sub directories, but then again it's an poorly worded question.
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