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I have had comcast's 6mbit/768k cable service at 3 different residences and I always run into the same situation: I need to log in to some FTP servers 4 or 5 times to get my maximum bandwidth usage. For example if I download one file at a time my average speed is 150KB/s but if I download 6 files at one time my overal bandwidth is over 800KB/s. The FTP server is located in a Dallas, TX datacenter hosted by Layered Technologies. The FTP software is not doing any throttling or anything to slow things down this much. Other people depending on their location consistantly get 1Mb/s downloading 1 file at a time. I have used FTP servers located in Seattle, WA which is near where I live and I am able to get 700KB/s on one single download. I also have the same problem uploading to the FTP sites in Dallas, where one single upload at a time starts for the first few seconds at around 15KB/s (which is slower than it should be but acceptable if I can do multiplte files at a time), but then it drops down to 1.8KB/s for the remainder of the time.

I am using Linksys equipment (I had to upgrade once previously to get maximum speeds, before no matter now many files I downloaded at one time I would only get around 300-400KB/s). Cable ModemBEFCMU10 ver 3. Wireless G broadband Router WRK54G. I have one PC on my network full time and occationally turn on my laptop or Xbox but not when downloading.
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Too many factors involved.... I mean, Comcast's system in your area could just suck. Lot of people using a ton of bandwidth in your neighborhood, etc. They might need to improve their infrastructure.

Did you ever try doing tracert to any of the servers? For example, I live in the DC area... Comcast has most of the suburban counties except for one. But anyway, I'll find hops going through like 6-7 different suburbs within 30 mins of me BEFORE hitting AT&T's backbone.

Maybe you could play with your IP settings a bit and look for a Comcast gateway a few hops down. MAYBE that will work.
You can play with the MTU settings... perhaps tweak it to about 1500.
JF0Author Commented:
ive done that already but it didnt help much... I think it was defaulted to that setting too.
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