Terminal Services Client Setup

Hi All,
  I have installed a termainal server.   I am going to have 18-20 external clients accessing the server on a daily basis.
My question is, Can I configure the client PC's to automatically log onto the Terminal server (i.e when PC starts it logs onto terminal server). Also what bandwidth would be suficeint to run all these clients.
Would it be better use remote desktop to connect to the server or isa there a better way?
I allready have a VPN in place.

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Hi cstephen100,

i cant see a way to make a client automatically connect to the terminal server.  you have to log on   then connect to VPN    then connect to the session,

you could write a logon script to run all this but i wouldnt bother myself

from an external point i would advise a minimum of a 256 Mb connection as this will control the majority of your connection speed and as long as you have a good connection from your router to your server (via switch) then you will be fine - Gigabit would be ideal of course.... :)

cstephen100Author Commented:
Hi Jay,
Thanks for reply.
  So what you're saying is to use the remote desktop to log onto the system manually?
  We are currently on 2MB down 512 UP Dsl, I can get higher bandwidth with an wireless broadband group, so I might   do  that.
  I need to purchase a good switch as the current on is very slow (base 10).
  In your opinion is terminal services a good service i.e for the type of situation I will be using it for, all client PC's will run a retail system on server.  


your bandwidth should be sufficient although i thought you meant that you would be accessing the server from outside you LAN rather than internally    can you clarify that for me :)

i have point of sale system that runs accross the network to the server and links to a database on it but we dont use Terminal services. Be warned that you will need quite a beefy server to be able to handle that many connections all at once expecially if your POS system is resource heavy like ours is.

either way a good switch will be needed, uf your accessing remotely your 2Mb connection will be pretty quick

internally you can fire up remote desktop straight away and be straight into the server, externally (remotely) you will have to fire up the VPN and then term serv to your server

hope that makes some sense !!!
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cstephen100Author Commented:
You are correct in saying that the clients are external i.e remote locations.

We have a VPN setup at present, setup using sonicwall firewalls.  So it seems to be ok.
I will be purchasing a new server to act as a terminal server.  Im am just a bit cautious of having the client PC dialling onto sevrer, i.e a present they are standalon and the information is synchronised back every night, problematic also to say the least.  I suppose I just wondering how stable a terminal server network is when remote locations  are in play i.e hate to go down road where remote locations keep losing connections to server etc.  

Im thinking of upgrading databases to SQL sever also, so I would probably need clients to be connect to TS so can access sql sever Db.

Hope im making sense now :-).
Thanks jay,

ah well in that case then Terminal Services will be perfect for you, as long as you are with a reliable ISP and your VPN is strong, you will be fine.

Terminal Services itself is very reliable and you should be able to achieve exactly what you are looking for without much grief!

SQL is probably worth looking at for sure, we currently run an old pervasive DB but will be changing to SQL when our new system is implemented :)

deffinitely upgrade that switch though, and make sure you get a server with plenty of beef and a good backup solution

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cstephen100Author Commented:
Hi jay,
  thanks for the reasurance,  I think im going to fire ahead with that solution.  Thanks again.
  Hopefully al will work well.

Thankyou and Good luck, i have no dount it will all be well :)
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