Access Database doesn't have updated info


I developed a Visual Basic .NET ASP solution, and it seems to be working fine.  It's running on a third party Windows Web Server hosted by iPowerWeb (yuck).  Without getting into too much un-needed detail, a user can login and edit job postings, which are then reflected on a more publicly accessible site.

I'm using a Microsoft Access database stored in a _database subdirectory of the actual application path.  Like I said, everything appears to be working OK.

Now I'm expecting that when I download the Microsoft Access database from the web server, it will have all the current listings.  But no, it has just the two sample listings it already had back when I uploaded the file.  None of the listings that have been added via the web interface are there.

Is the app actually even using the Access database?  I want to be able to manually adjust some values in the database by FTP'ing it down, making changes, and FTP'ing it back up again (preference because I don't want to deal with developing an un-needed module to handle very infrequently changed data).

P.S. - connectionstring uses a server.mappath statement, and connection and adapter are oledb.


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Hi kmoloney
First, check with your host where he runs the "live" access database. Unless you have a dedicated server, he will put it on a share not accessible to you by FTP. The fact that you downloaded your initial copy is pretty much a proof of this.
Second, you are certainly aware of the fact that your concept download-modify-upload a .mdb file will make you loose all changes which were done by web clients in this time period.
May be you want to reconsider to write your own ASP maintnance access against your database. This will solve both problems.

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kmoloneyAuthor Commented:
Jack - Oh my iPowerWeb Tech support...better set aside the coffee and cigarettes...and remove anything breakable from within easy reach.

Thanks, I will attempt and post the results.
kmoloneyAuthor Commented:
No support referred me to e-mail / phone support.
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Their help says:**&p_li=&p_topview=1

Dim DBPath,objRS,objConn
' Change the path below to the actual location of your mdb file
Set objConn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
objConn.ConnectionString="Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=" & Server.mappath(DBPath)
Set objRS=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

How does your own connection code compare to that?
I'd think you would just need:
where file is modified to match your actual file name.


I agree that "download-modify-upload a .mdb" isn't a good idea.  I realize it's necessary sometimes.  When I MUST do it, I add an Out-Of-Service flag to the application, usually based on the existence of a file.  Then, on each page, I check the Out-Of-Service flag, and if it's set, I just show "Site is Temporarily Down for Maintenance.  Please try back in a few minutes." and I DO NOT access the database.  Then, to do database maintenance, I upload the Out-Of-Service file, wait a few minutes, then download-modify-upload the database, and finally, delete the Out-Of-Service file.  This solution is a little bit better, but still far from ideal.
kmoloneyAuthor Commented:

My connection string is should essentially be accomplishing the same things as their help file:

OleDBConnection1.ConnectionString="Provider=""Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"";Data Source=" & server.mappath("filelocation")

Besides, the application is actually working - its not that the web app doesn't appear to see the database, just that I can't download it.  I would think if it were a path issue, it wouldn't see the database at all.  I did search their help file for other topics related to this one, but nothing there.  Haven't checked the web extensively yet; always like to give away 500 points if I can :) !!

And you and jack are correct about the "download-modify-upload" strategy.  However, the current situation is simply that, at most, three people might want to access this concurrently (myself included), and always 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., M-F (myself excluded).  As you can see, I don't work those kind of hours.  Plus, the changes I might need to make might be the addition of a single field or changing a value maybe once every couple of months - and then, in theory, never.  The DB should be down and up again in five minutes or less.

In fact, somehow, I feel more secure knowing that their INSN'T a web interface to a particular table with settings that shouldn't have anyone's access except my own.  Less hacker-inviting.  Point taken in theory, but in practice, I think this will work out fine for the time being.
kmoloneyAuthor Commented:
By the way, when I attempt to download the file through the VDECK control panel, I receive the following error message:

  Microsoft VBSscript runtime error '800a004c'
  Path not found
  /inc/host/FileManager.asp, line 23
Do you have something that looks like   /_database/file.mdb   for your "filelocation" ?

> Now I'm expecting that when I download the Microsoft Access database from the web server, it
> will have all the current listings.  But no, it has just the two sample listings it already had ..
From this, I understood that you had downloaded the database, and noticed it had only sample data.

> Is the app actually even using the Access database?
From this, I understood there was an open question about the app using the database, not "its not that the web app doesn't appear to see the database".

In your initial question, you never mentioned "just that I can't download it".

It's a bit difficult to help when given inaccurate info.
Either (1) you're using the wrong path/filename, (2) you had a typo, or (3) iPowerWeb's download script is broken.
It does sound like tech support is the way to go.

I suspect the actual database used is not what/where you think it is.
kmoloneyAuthor Commented:
Also, for the record, re the 800A004C, iPowerWeb Tech Support (not the sharpest) indicated that the download links in their VDECK control panel aren't supported for Windows Server 2003 (so why do they have them?).  It also ticks me off that iPowerWeb offers ASP.NET, but vehemently refuses to support it.
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