PC for business that is quiet and runs cool

I would like to build a business PC for use with MS Office, web development (Dreamweaver) and light web graphics with Photoshop (72 DPI stuff) that runs very quiet and cool.  

I do not want a gaming PC with a window and light and lots of fans on the side. Just a plain black ATX case is fine which I can get at New Egg.

So I see the main things to consider for a cool and quiet PC are:

Pentium or AMD -- whichever runs cooler.
Quiet power supply, probably 400W is fine?
Quiet CPU fan

I am also considering:
1 GB Ram
128 or 256 MB Graphics card (AGP or maybe PCI-e – Nvidia)
FireWire PCI Card
Windows XP Pro

Windows Vista upgradeable in 2007??
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We use the Fujitsu-Siemens tower model PC's and thery're admirably quiet. I'm convinced they'd have a model that would be up to your needs. I can't say I know whats inside them, in any detail, but they're really quiet.
danomaticAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rid but F-S is Europe  / UK only (I am in the US) as far as I can tell unless you know otherwise... http://www.fujitsu-siemens.com/ResellerLocator/
what you need to do is select a case with silent fans, silent power supply fan , and silent cpu fan.
 here some guidance (you'll find much of it on newegg) :


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danomaticAuthor Commented:
nobus -- awesome, puts me in the right direction.
glad to help do  - you want more ? just ask
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