Getting Flash to read information from MySql

I currently use Flash MX 2004 and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction of a good resource for Getting Flash to take information from a MySql Database.

Basically I am creating a game that consists of rooms.  I could fairly easily create each individual rooms in flash with all the various objects/monsters/etc in the room, but I would prefer for to be able to store all the information about the rooms in a database, so when a person enters the room, it loads up this information.  Is this possible? and how difficult is it?

Thanks in advance.

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This is possible but would be somewhat difficult. My suggestion is to have Flash call a PHP page that would read from the mysql server the data and then return it to flash in xml format. This is better because the data is neatly formatted in xml making it easy for flash to parse. Now the only concern would probably be how to store the data as well as how the xml format should be. After that comes the grunt work of creating the PHP page and then the getting flash to do the right thing after getting the xml data.

I recommend you to take a look at this web-site:
AMFPHP is open-source engine that makes it hell easier to communicate with mysql database, becase you don't have to wrap all the query results into xml to have it unwrap right after it reaches your flash application. This engine enables you directly recieve results from db and even use it as input to flash data-aware components...  Samples and tutorials included... easy to use. Take a look.

( Answer to your question: yes it's possible to do that... and with amfphp, communication with db will not be flash specific task.. so it's enough if you have some experience with mysql db. Processing recieved data in flash , that's another thing... :o)

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ExpressionsAuthor Commented:
Ill have a look and tell you how I get on.
ExpressionsAuthor Commented:
Opps I thought I had answered this.


I will split the points but give more to ivan_os as his gave more information.
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