Outlook 553 Error using Norton Antivirus Small Business 10.0 and Exchange Server.

I have a small 10 computer network running exchnage server on the SBS 2003 server. Exchange server is only used to allow the users to share and view each others calenders. The exchange server is not used for any email handling. For email my users have a standard POP email host. On each client computer outlook is configured with 2 accounts, a pop email account (example: ssterling@evansenginc.com) and an exchange account (example: ssterling@evans.local). When my user go to their outlook calender and try to create a new appointment they add the email addresses to the invitees list and send the appointment. Outlook returns the error message:

0x800ccc6e The respnded: 553 ssterling@evans.local is not allowed to use this function.

If I remove the exchange account from outllook then the users a allowed to send new appointment notifcications to invitees. If the exchange account is active I get the above error message and appointments cannot be sent to invitees. Note: this use to work until recently.

THIS OCCURED AFTER INSTALLING NORTON ANTIVIRUS SMALL BUSINESS 10.0. I have disable and even uninstalled NORTON and the same issue is still present. Norton has changed something with the op system or exchange server.
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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
Symantec Removal

Virus and Spyware removal and prevention:

also check system firewall and filters
What version of Outlook are your users using?
jtwoods4Author Commented:
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And if you use the proper domain rather than evans.local?
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
0x800ccc6e the perticular error occur the following reason
1. 553 Requested action not taken: mailbox name not allowed
            [E.g., mailbox syntax incorrect]

The error is saying there's a message in your Outbox with a bad TO e-mail address.  The
SMTP mail server is rejecting the message because of that.

Go to the Outbox folder, select the message and press the Delete key.
2. HAve you check mark theserver required  authentication the following setting is correct setting of the outlook please check this

Incoming Mail Server(POP) : server ip
Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP) : server ip
Port for POP3 : 110 / 995 (secure)
Port for SMTP : 25 / 465 (secure)
After configuring Use following to set outgoing authentication properties :
1. Tools> Accounts > Mail > Select the mail account > Properties.
2. Server > Check my server require authentication

Use the full email address on the user name .

Go to Tools | Accounts and double click the account.
On the servers tab check the box: "My server requires authentication".
3. you might have a corrupted TCP/IP stack.  You may want to
uninstall and then reinstall the TCP/IP stack.

use the following site for any outlook error and troubleshooting

If you still have problems, post the full text of the error message.
jtwoods4Author Commented:
Keep in mind that this worked fine until I installed Norton Small Business 10.0 antivirus on the server and clients. I have uninstalled thinking it will work again but the problem is still there.
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
Check the following :

Norton Personal Firewall (Symantec)
If you are running Norton Personal Firewall 2002, Norton Internet Security, or Norton SystemWorks software by Symantec, remove your Norton Person Firewall or Norton Internet Security software. If the problem is resolved, you can reinstall your Norton software and the problem should not happen again.
Method 3: Check your antivirus vendor's Web site for additional suggestions
If your antivirus solution includes an e-mail scanning feature, you may have to do additional configuration to use Outlook or Outlook Express with the antivirus e-mail scanning feature.

Antivirus software that has been known to cause this problem includes products by the following vendors:
�      Symantec (Norton)

For more information, visit the following Web sites:
jtwoods4Author Commented:
I uninstalled Norton totally. It is like Norton altered some system files permanently.
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