Hiding the blank space of a page footer when PrintOnFirstPage = false (using SSRS sp1)


I have a report that is always two pages long. Since I can't have a report footer I made a page footer and set PrintOnFirstPage = false. The problem is that there is a huge blank area on the first page where the footer is suppressed. Is there a way around this? Or a way to actually make a report footer?

Thanks for the help.
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Have you tried adding a textbox to the top and bottom of the Body section of your report?  These would then print like report header and footers.
RMAHelpDeskAuthor Commented:
This is actually what I am doing right now. The problem is the "report footer" needs to print at the bottom of the last page. Doing it the way I am now makes the footer appear last but not neccessarily at the bottom of the page. Any suggestions?
Workaround by Chris Hays MSFT:

If you want something different in your last page footer than in the other page footers, you can conditionally show/hide alternate items using the Hidden property like this:


If the page footer in the last page is radically different than on the other pages, I recommend putting the contents for each page footer into a seperate rectangle and setting Hidden on the rectangles as a whole (you'll need to overlap the rectangles in the design tool, which will unfortunately make it hard to edit, but easier than manipulating a bunch of individual items).


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