Problem with Beyond Remote ...

Hello experts!

1PC = ME

2PC internet connection= MODEM 48KB / INTERNAL & EXTERNAL IP IS THE SAME /

I have found Beyond Remote and i was test it to my friend pc who he use a modem connection 48kb and it was working fine! .. we try to connect from the 2pc to the 1pc using my external ip and it was not working .. thats why because My internal ip is 192.168***** and my external 83.168.4*****  this is cause all this problem and my friend cannot connect at me ? please help me urgent! thanks.
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The fact that they have same ISP and same windows setup is irrelevant.  ADSL assign different "vitrual" IP to each modem on the ADSL head end, so as far as QWest or whoever give their ADSL service, these two people are different IPs if they are on different modems.  What is probably the case is that one person has paid for "real IP number" and the other has not.  Usually ADSL does not provide a real IP number for you to connect to, unless you pay them for it.

Have them check these free services to get a DNS listing for their IP number, they are all free services.  YOu cannot do this in a rush, it might take 2 days to get it working right, you MUST have patience, it takes 30 hours for DNS to propagate around the world, you can be in a panic, but it doesnt speed up the net.

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