Data recovery possible when SATA drive file system listed as RAW?

A 250GB internal Maxtor SATA drive crashed (in Dell Dimension 8400), and since I've had good luck with it in the past, I ran Spinrite 6.0, which I thought recovered the drive--only 7 sectors had unrecoverable data.

Now, though the BIOS sees the drive, when I slave it in a working system, Windows can't see it.

Using the Ultimate Windows Boot CD, I tried to run chkdsk, and I got the message that it wouldn't run because the type of file system was RAW.

How can I get the file system back to NTFS to recover as much data as possible?

Another post here advised using GetDataBack in the case of an external drive. Does anyone have any experience with it in this situation? Wouldn't I have to use it with Bart's PE? If Windows can't see the drive, would installing the demo of GetDataBack do me any good if I iinstalled it in a working system with the bad drive slaved?

Thanks for your help--

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best part about getdataback is it is totally non-destructive (unlike spinrite and others) -- it makes no changes to your disk at all, so is 100% safe.  Also, you get to see what you can recover, and only if you can recover the data, only then do you pay them modest fee.  You have nothing to lose by trying the program, so suggest you try it before you use any other program that modifies and destroys your disk further.  The "RAW" situation usually comes from running the disk as an NTFS virtual volume, but can also be when SATA controller gives up on drive, which seems to be common situation.

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In case when the volume is reported in "RAW" filesystem, the effort of making in "back to NTFS" is typically impractical. You just recover data off the RAW volume with an appropriate utility (as scrathcyboy suggests), then format the volume and start over. Typical data recovery tool does not care about what filesystem type is listed, it will either recover the filesystem it is designed for, or will perform an autodetection of its own.
i am unsure as to what you need exactly; first you say "which I thought recovered the drive--only 7 sectors had unrecoverable data"  and the "How can I get the file system back to NTFS to recover as much data as possible" ?
if you do not have the data recovered yet here is the best way to do it :
-slave the drive to a working system on the IDE cable if IDE drive, for sata, hook it to 2nd or 3rd sata connector (boot from disk connected to1st) - i would advise against the use of an external case, since it only adds 1 level of onterface, and thus may hinder more than help.
-then use any of the recovery softwares you like, in fact download the free trial, check what it claims to recover, then pay for it. Getdataback is a good known one, but there are others (the best one is the one that does the job)
so here a list :,collid,1295,00.asp            Free Recovery                              Spinrite                                    GetDataBack                                    Stellar                                    Restorer 2000                        Restoration                  Active undelete                  pc Inspector                        Handy Recovery                  flash recovery                                    ontrack                  Easy Recovery                                    Test Disk + utils                        zero assumption                        Recover Lost Data                              RecoverMyFiles            Disk Commander                  EasyRecovery                        VirtualLab Data Recover

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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
reckonAuthor Commented:
scrathcyboy and nobus: Turns out that it doesn't matter whether Windows sees the bad slaved drive--as long as the drive is recognized in BIOS, GetDataBack can work on it. It's recovering files now (I hope).

nobus: I used Spinrite to "recover" the drive, but then I couldn't access the data afterwards (so was it recovered, you ask . . .). Should I have just skipped Spinrite?

AlexGGGG: You're right about skipping the "back to NTFS" part. I was focusing on that as a way to recover the data--didn't realize it doesn't matter.
getdataback and spinrite are both very good recovery softwares; but as i said : the best one is the one that does the job...   btw, i do not understand why you say about windows seeing the drive - i never mentioned that
reckonAuthor Commented:
GetDataBack worked like the proverbial charm. Recovered almost everything. Thanks, guys.
yes you should have skipped spinrite.  Dont use any program that changes the drive structure when the data is in jeopardy, always remember that.  This is why getdataback IS the proverbial charm.  Best luck.
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Hi reckon,
Seems my comments was not useful for you.

BR Dushan
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