Adobe Acrobat Install error 1714

I have a Windows XP machine, running fine in all aspects, but Adobe Acrobat Reader just will not install.
Starts to then stops and says Previous Version of 7.0 can not be uninstalled Error 1714.
there are no installations showing in Add/Remove Programs
Any ideas?
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Greetings, jimmysupport !

See if you can use Windows Installer cleanup utility to uninstall Adobe Reader 7.

If no joy, you need to remove the old fashion way.  Delete the Adobe Program Files folder. Do a search in all folders for Adobe and delete.  Do a search for Adobe in registry and delete.

When you install again, make sure antivirus, antispyware, and firewall programs are disabled.

Best wishes!
jimmysupportAuthor Commented:
I have done that, someplace i am missing something.
I just bought one of those registry gizmos...someplace on this site someone said it would work.
Worth 30 bucks to try it.

You have used the Windows Installer cleanup utility to uninstall Adobe Reader?

If so, see the 4 proposed solutions here to remove Adobe Acrobat program
jimmysupportAuthor Commented:
I had looked for all folders with Adobe, where I knew they would be...I had NOT done a search as you suggested.
When I did that I did find some more folders. I deleted them.
Ran MS RegClean and the gizmo I bought...Registry Mechanic.
And tried luck...BUT it went just a little further and allowed me to see the Application Key it was looking at when it stopped.
AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44 and a few other numbers, but those are the ones I searched for in the Registry.
Found them and deleted the key.
Opened IExplorer emptied the cache and off-line content.
and tried again. Whamo- it worked.
Thanks WarMan
You are welcome, j8mmysupport !
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