Need an Artist for a Dynamic Signature background.

I'm planning to make a website that uses PHP and GD script to fetch character info from an Online game called Everquest 2 and auto update signatures for people by inserting character/class/profession images and so on into a static background image(Signature).

Now since my artistic side isn't that good I would like to ask if there is anyone willing to make a signature background for me ??

While I was looking around to get any kind of inspiration I found a signature for the game World of Warcraft made by Calvin on

I was hoping that someone could make something similar and as good looking.

You can see the signature example here:

As you can see the above sig is the way the signature looks like after the script updates the signature and thats not what I'm asking for, I just need a static background with empty spaces just as the lower example.

I have no idea if this is something that I should ask for here but worth a try I guess.
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Lots of designers on deviantart.  Here's a place to start.

I bet this artist could create what you need

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