Cisco 1700 Routing with dual ethernet and RIP

I am trying to setup RIP on a couple Cisco 1700's using the 10/100 ethernet ports and WIC's with ethernet as well. I got everything working and can ping through using a /24 ( subnet mask...all set ...

Then if I change the internal subnet masks for the private LAN's to a /16 mask .... I lose connectivity and if I do a

-> sh IP protocols    the routing table shows no entries..... change it back to a /24 and everything goes back to full functionality....

Thought maybe RIP had some sort of issues with other subnets, but that makes no sense.....

figured i'd post and see if anyone had any experiance with this ....

Router 1
LAN intFast0  /16
WAN IFeth0 /24

Router 2
LAN intFast0  /16
WAN IFeth0 /24

config is:

interface Ethernet0
 ip address
interface FastEthernet0
 ip address
 speed auto
router rip
ip classless
no ip http server
access-list 101 permit icmp any any
access-list 101 permit ip any any
line con 0
 exec-timeout 5 0
line aux 0
line vty 0 4
 password brandywine
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I assume you're using RIP only because some non-Cisco devices need to share RIP routing info?  If not, & you're strictly using Cisco routers, do yourself a favor & use EIGRP instead, which is a far superior routing protocol.
  If you must use RIP, try this on all routers involved:
router rip
version 2
no auto-summary
  On every interface you want to share RIP routing info, do this:
interface <name>
 ip rip receive ver 2
 ip rip send ver 2

  If you instead want to use EIGRP, you can do this on all routers:
no router rip
router eigrp 10  <- must use same autonomous system # on all routers you want to share EIGRP info
no auto-sum
network  <- only need this entry if all subnets fall into this range

For further reading (IOS 12.2):


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