Prevent users writing to a partition based on file type (extension)

Is it possible to prevent users saving files to a particular volume based on the file type?  E.g. prevent users saving video files to small partitions etc.  
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Not unless they are logging in to a server and the partition is on the server, then you can restrict their access to any/all partitions on the server by their login script.  e.g. set the "office users" group to not have any access to whatever volumes, and make eveyone in office part of that group with no higher priveleges.  As for being based on file extension, this is almost impossible, but a better way to approach the problem is to have a script run on some system with admin priveleges, like yours, and delete any files on that volume with the right extension .e.g Del \\server\smalldrive\d\*.mov /y
You could run this every hour or whenever, and they will indeed go.
cvcnetworkAuthor Commented:
yeah, though it was a long shot.  I like the script idea though.  I guess they'll give up saving the wrong stuff their if it keeps dissappearing ;-)..  thanks a lot.
Yes that is good philosophy, and it give you the satisfaction of "veto power".  Might be very satisfying!  Good luck.
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