Ctrl-Alt-Del not working at startup

I have a computer that Ctrl-Alt-Del suddenly isn't working on.  It was working fine yesterday.  Only two things have changed; it was a client on a domain and I don't have it cable connected to the network now.  (I want to use it standalone in a training class.)  And (2) I moved it (carefully enough I think) from one location to another.  The machine is a rackmount compaq Proliant 800 server now running Windows 2000 Pro.  I've tried several keyboards (all of which worked on other machines) and any keyboard works OK until I get to the "Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to logon" screen.  Then, no response to mouse or keyboard at all.  It responds to nothing but the PowerOff button.

Am I looking at an OS reinstall, or can I hope that there is something simpler?  This is a new one on me.
The class begins at noon tomorrow.  

Thanks, Ron Hicks in Washington DC and Arlington VA

Ronald HicksConsultantAsked:
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Hi ronhicks22207,

if you boot into safe mode do you get the same problem??


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Ronald HicksConsultantAuthor Commented:

I think I tried that but either the KB was already dead or I might have been slow on the draw in pressing F8. I got pushed for time and didn't run that down thoroughly.   I'm home now, but I'll be in front of that machine at work in the morning.

What is it likely to mean if I do get the same problem in SM and what if I don't?

hmm if its the same problem in safe mode then you will have to do a repair of windows     if it doesnt happen then it means something is loading startup that is blocking your keyboard
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You said you moved location - on the new location is it PS/2 or a USB keyboard? If its USB then are your USB ports enabled?
Ronald HicksConsultantAuthor Commented:
Jay_jay70.  Then it sounds like a repair job.  I can't imagine where something new loading at startup.

NacMacFeefie.   PS/2.   By location, I just meant from one room to another.  On a rolling cart.  I moved it myself and know it wasn't dropped or jostled too hard in the rolling from place to place.  Tile floor and carpet all the way, with three or four bumpy thresholds that I went over very easily.  Interesting idea, that though, I wonder it a USB KB will work.  Worth a try.

Thanks all. I'll see if anyone else has more experiences with such as this before closing this out.
a repair will only take you 20 mins or so and you wont lose any data

let me know how you go
Ronald HicksConsultantAuthor Commented:
The mystery deepens.  (Although this post is based on recollection of events of day before yesterday.)  But what happened was this:  I attempted a reinstall, and the keyboard worked fine through the POST but the first time I needed a keyboard or mouse in Windows setup, they were dead again.  Any clues anyone?

try a new kayboard or mouse  if thats not it then its the board and its connections... you can try a bios update on the board....
Ronald HicksConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Jay Jay.  I was afraid the answer would sound something like that.  Such is beyond my experience.  How would I do that without a mouse or keyboard?  Is there a cookbook description of the steps somewhere?  I have tried about 6 keyboards, but not a different mouse.  Worth a try.  --ron
see if you can get into th bios and if your keyboard functions in there for a while - just hit delete on boot    or F1 or f2 or F12 depending on that the splash screen says
Ronald HicksConsultantAuthor Commented:
Right.  I know how to get into the bios.  I've had to change boot sequences a few times.  But then what?  How is the boos update accomplshed?  Perhaps I'm reading too much into "update".  I'm beginning to get the impression that you mean just going into setup and exiting, not applying some new something or other from someplace.
no no thats all good i mean update :)

just want to see if your keyboard stays active in the bios for a period of time       if it does then we have other problems....

what model bios is it and ill find you an update
Ronald HicksConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I might not get back to this machine today; many things to do.  But I'll be back.
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