Exporting GAL to Outlook 2003

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a problem regarding exporting the addresses from exchange 2003 GAL and importing it onto Outlook 2003 following instruction in Microsoft KB article:

After I do the export and then import them in to outlook that is running POP3 email and have no access to exchange; all contacts will loose the email addresses.

I think there is a way to make the exported contacts work on any computer without having to contact exchange servers or AD.

To recap:
I need to go to a computer is running exchange email address, and then follow the instructions in the mentioned KB article.
Then I will copy the PST file to a computer that has only POP3 email address and is in a different organization and import the PST to the contacts on that outlook and be able to use them.

Can any expert help me out please?

Thanks in advance
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Are you exporting from Microsoft Outlook (connected to Exchange 2003 ) and then importing it to Outlook Express?
This KB will help you in this case ->

Amit Aggarwal.
MedquestAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot buddy
MedquestAuthor Commented:
here is what happened:
all went fine and when I open a new message and click "To" then select an address from the new contacts and click on send I am getting this error message:
"could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valide 0x80070057"

I am still searching google, but please if you all know anything about this problem let me know.

Check this KB ->

Amit Aggarwal.
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