Playing different Mp3 to different audio output

Hi, i have a sound card with 8 audio there a way i can write an app to play different mp3 to different output? for example....a.mp3 to output channel1 and b.mp3 to ouput channel 2? if possible how can i do so.thanks
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Hmmm... looking for somethng like this?:

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The CD player window is a simple but effective tool for playing CDs and with the added benefit of a mixer. The mixer enables the user to control the output of up to ten audio devices on there computer and allowing mute, bass and treble control as well. Also included is a SBM control for linking the selected faders together. The Cd draw is also controlled


or his upgraded version:


That's it!

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jaxrpcAuthor Commented:
I think it is not what i trying to do....anyway the codes are too difficult for a newbie like me :(

What i am trying to do is....i have this sound card by has 8 audio output slots..which can connect to 8 different speakers. I am trying to do is to write an app which can mp3 "A" onto audio out put 1 and the speaker connected will play mp3 "A" and at the same time i can play mp3 "B" to audio output 2 and the speaker connected to outpuut 2 will play mp3 "B". so i can play 8 different mp3 to 8 different output. Anyone??

Something like what this guy has done .....
Oh, ok. Out of my league... maybe someone else can help.
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jaxrpcAuthor Commented:
up...all comments are welcome
Naveen SwamyYash Infinite Solutions Private LimitedCommented:
it might help you but is in delphi, but logic is always same
Oh, thanks for the points!  Actually, if your question is unanswered, you could post something to the moderators to delete this question to refund back your points =)
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