Securing FTP

I am setting up FTP to allow only a few users to connect.  I am aware of the clear text password issue, so I created a group called 'FTP'.  I then created a user 'FTPUser', and changed the group membership from the 'Users' group to the 'FTP' group.  I am isolating the group/user combination to the FTP directory via NTFS permissions that I propigated throughout the FTP folder structure.  I figure if someone captures the password, they can only access this directory structure and nothing else.  Does this sound like a good plan?  Is there anything else I can do further to secure this?
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Hi bleujaegel,
This sounds like you are following the guidelines set out by microsoft article which is reference throughout EE.

if you are aware of the IP addresses of where your using are coming from you could set the directory access to a default of deny unless ip = the addresses you allow.

This means someone whould have to capture the pass as well as spoof the source address they are comign from.

I think that is about as secure as you can get it


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Instead of using FTP, you might be able to use SCP or SFTP, which is secure.

Open Source SSH Server (SCP and SFTP uses SSH as its transport) for Windows:
Open Source SCP & SFTP client for Windows:

An article on SSH / SCP / SFTP for Windows:
An article on setting up a SFTP Server on Windows:
bleujaegelAuthor Commented:
Good point to deny by IP.

I will check out the secure FTP apps.  

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